quinta-feira, novembro 20, 2003

Hmm, first outing for the teens at risk project. Promising, but we will see where it leads.

terça-feira, novembro 18, 2003

The ISCSP nucleo was interesting... "Doing good... is it a must or consequence?" was the theme of dicussion based on the film they watched last week, "Paying Forward".

Normal conclusions etc. nothing out of the ordinary. All agreed on God being the "one thing" and that is what leads us to do good works, but it requires work to overcome the old nature.

They are interested in an outing for climbing... we'll see when they get it together and hope for good weather.

Frustration of the day was NOT getting to the CLN meeting about the técnico núcleo. Looks like a good group and that things will go well. Just would have liked to be there to show support, but with Sandra and Elisabeth not feeling well (and Sara feeling REALLY well) I couldn't get away to go. Ah well. God is Sovereign and I am learning to trust in that reality.

Okay, Scott. Now you've got the place and the space... no excuses to not write it out to be responsible for it.

bipolar moment... Okay! Be back in an hour or two.